Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Perfect morning and a retrospection...

There was knocking at the door. I knew it would be our maid. I waited for my flatmate to open the door(I am the one,lazier of the 2). But he didn't. She knocked again. Again we both waited for other one to open the door. She knocked again(very intense this time). So I finally replied,"coming...wait...".

So finally, I woke 1 more morning with my back stiff. Wanted to sleep more but made my mind against it(As sleeping again would have been of no use with pain in my stiffened back). So fetched the newspaper from balcony-cum-terrace. After the maid went. Thought about a little bit of exercising to relieve my back pain.

So the day started with some exercising involving stretching, paranayms and some yogic exercises for back. Then got my flatmate's guitar to practice "What we learnt yesternight " and played it for around 20-25mins. Followed it with some more newspaper reading. And then brought milk and made milkshake for both of us. Improving my vocabulary from "Word Power Made Easy" followed it. Followed by washing my floaters. In all, a perfect morning for me.

In the day, I was retrospecting about the things I did in past(even retrospected about the earlier blog, I wrote). What would I be doing if I wasn't doing these things to impress girls? And I was surprised to know that I still would be doing same things if it wasn't about impressing girls. Because those were the things I would really enjoy doing. It was just that my motive was wrong, so I never enjoyed those things that much. And since now my only motive is self-development so I would be enjoying doing these things even more.

I don't think many people have read my previous blog yet. So didn't had any comments from people. I just reviewed what I wrote and found that blog was very boring(everything written there was about me and my thinking). But hey, its my blog. It would contain things about me only. I really think I need to accept myself, my thinking and mistakes I made. Doesn't even matters if people get wrong impression of me. What matters to me is having right impression about myself.

In last post, I mentioned my 3 wishes in life(was really a pessimistic thought of dieing in few days). Now being a bit optimistic, I would like to write down my long-term goals in life(so that I don't forget these in the busy-ness of life) . I always had an ambition to become a farmer. I want to retire at 40 from this fast paced life. And then I would move to some village and start farming to live a slow-paced,calm life. But before that I want to reach at an annual salary package of Rs.3.65 crores. And how I reached that figure. Thanks to 1 more of my friends, who quoted, "You can spend Rs.1lac in a day.".

P.S.: People who have made effort to read my blogs till now. Be assured for some fun ahead. Some of my childhood misadventures in store for you.


  1. hey nice one..keep up the good work :)

  2. Sahiiiiiii ..!! Maza aa gaya ..reminded me of my school days.. Agli baar jab milega I'll Start it :D