Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Aimless Days and Dreamless Nights

After a longtime I have written something. This time a poem. My first poem in English language(language which has proved to be my nemesis). Being an immature(in fact a beginner), you may find its a banal piece of work. Some of you may find it depressing (like first two readers who happen to be my very good friends and who worried after reading that I am depressed). But honestly, I am not depressed and I think this is an effect of listening some rock music lately. Anyways I have added last para for people who like happy ending (believe me...all of us like happy endings :) ).

Aimless days and dreamless nights,
trying to fathom what's right.
Here-there everywhere, wherever I seek
only empty spaces are there, "the void" reaching its peak.
Aimless days and dreamless nights,
truth seems to evade my sight.

Seconds,minutes,hours and days flying past-by
is it rain or tears are falling down the sky?
Here I am trying to answer "the question" of my life,
still searching for things which maybe I would like.
Not a single thing in the world seems alright,
But still here I am, holding my spirits tight.
Aimless days and dreamless nights,
endless days and sleepless nights.

Sometime I feel like run-away and find my own paradise.
But that's not my way, its just an act of cowardice.
Yeah right, I am beaten, shattered to earth.
But m gonna fight back, I would never die.
Aimless days and dreamless nights,
I am not going to quit, I would give a tough fight.

Aimless days and dreamless nights,
go away, make way, I can see the light.
Its the mark of what lies ahead, future seems bright
Wonderful days and peaceful nights...
Wonderful days and peaceful nights...


  1. nice one.. ur a pro writer dude!!

  2. hey nitsi,
    as i said i liked ur poem..well when did you started listening rock..thats a news!!
    great going with the writing and music :P

  3. Finally an entry into another new hobby after so long .. :P. ...

    Seems like a poem written from 'Dil Se' .. :P.

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  5. Poetry might be your true calling as we had discussed the other day .. :).

  6. superb work i liked the ending ....