Thursday, September 30, 2010

A mosquito blessed my life

Caution: This is going to be a really long blog. I assure you that you won't be missing much if you decide to give it a skip.
So to all busy people, I would advise do something more worthwhile, something which makes you happy, something which thrills you, rather than spending your precious free moments in reading this blog.
And all those vellas people, you can read on ;) .

Ever wondered how your life can change due to a mosquito bite?? (No, I am not discussing Nana Patekar's famous dialogue, "1 machchar saala aadmi ko *** bana deta hai". Though I liked this dialogue when I was a kid.)

I was leading a normal life. And I like all others who live a normal life, I too hated my life. Same office, same work, same over-crowded metro, same work and same over-dose of sleep on weekends. I needed a change(and I had been saying so to my friends for over almost 6 months now), but I couldn't bring 1 in my life. So 1 day, a special mosquito (its identity is kept anonymous due to security reasons) decided to bless my life and following events changed my life.

You and mosquito.

There are 4 kinds of dengue mosquitoes. They are black and white in color. They bite during daytime and they can't fly high. (Thanks to all the people who gave me this info. and asked me when did mosquito bite me and where).
Patients blood platelet count falls significantly and it may be required to give him/her platelets if count falls beyond 25k( for normal people its 1.5-4 lac). And platelets count remain stable till patient has fever. Once fever goes away, platelets starts falling(as told by docs).
After falling, if it starts increasing that means patient is fine now. It doesn't falls again after it starts increasing(again told by docs).

1) Ramdev says, have papaya's leaves juice (had twice) for increasing platelet count.
2) Docs say take medicines and injections and drink lot of fluids(did this as well).

PROCEDURE (skip this, as we always did. we weren't required to write this in exam. I wrote for the sake of completeness):
Day 1 - People say I timed my illness very well. We had code-freeze at office same day. So all work done, no dependencies on me. I felt cold all day in office. When I came home checked my temperature. It was 102. I puked out all my dinner when I woke at 2 in night.
Day 2 - Morning temp. , still 102. I popped in 1 more crocin.(Not able to eat anything, vomiting rules). No effect till 11. Time to visit doctor. Temp 103, he says case of dengue maybe. Get admitted. No beds available in hospital, I am in queue after 40 other patients. My dad took me to another better-known hospital where he has some influence in management. I am lying in emergency on a stretcher at 2, shivering and having high headache. At 4, temp. is 104.6. Dad is trying to arrange a bed for me, my younger bro besides me. At 7, I get a bed and treatment starts with glucose drip inserted in my hand for the first time I can remember. I tell my mom, I think I won't survive.
Day 3: My blood is sucked so many times a day for all those blood tests. I hate everyone with a needle now. No relief, fever (104+) and headache continues.
Day 4 : Taken on wheelchair for a test to be done. Never thought I won't be able to walk myself someday. Seeing faces all around me(Some pretty faces as well). All of a sudden. I realize, may be I wont survive this( I felt like, "Mera dasvidaniya hone wala hai"). Tears welled up in my eyes. People who are in front of me can see my tears. I am trying to hide them from my dad standing behind the wheelchair. I am remembering the fun-filled times spent with friends(whom I may not to able see again). I remember times when I was rude with people(was feeling sorry for it).
Day 5 : Still in fever, started hated relatives by now. All would come with something to eat and drink and then would insist that I should have what they have brought (I can't eat anything people, please try to understand. And I am afraid of eating for the fear of puking).
Day 6: Still fever, but around 100 only. Too bored in hospital. Missing siblings and friends.(though both my parents were with me whole 8 days).
Day 7: Fever vanishes. Platelets starts to fall drastically. Came down to 35k. Still can't eat anything. Parents used to make me drink juices or coconut water forcibly.(And yeah that hospital soup too, I hate it so much).
Day 8: Platelet count still around 33k, was 50k for night sample. Started having food by myself. Had papaya's leaves juice too(I can drink anything after drinking that).
Day 9: Platelet count 65k. I ask parents to get me discharged. Take me home. I would be fine. They ask doc, he agrees. I come home finally.
Day 10-15: Drinking lots of juices, asking mom to cook different things different days. Ate heavy food sometimes mom allowed me to eat. Got bored at home.

1) If you are hospitalized, you get to meet all your relatives and they all bring you something to eat and drink. They also bore you by asking the details. How it happened, What treatment is going on, How many days would it take etc.
2) You get highly bored, you would even watch cartoon network on hospital bed(I think under the effect of medicines, your mind can comprehend that only. Thanks to ICL too, got to watch some cricket).
3) You don't like being not able to walk and see the world. That's the worse feeling.
4) Thinking about not surviving, brings all your good and bad memories back(Life flashbacks very fast).
5) You start loving your normal life. Doing normal things. Going for walk, watching TV, talking to friends, your daily food.
6) You miss your work and workplace. (I was missing seeing codes written in C/C++ so much when I was resting at home).

I met my relatives. Talked to friends on phone. Didn't go to office for 2 whole weeks. I got the much needed change in life. I have a "new found respect for life". Life has changed for sure(dunno for how much time, but I am loving my present). I love all ordinary things. I love my work, my workplace, being able to walk, eating spicy food, metro rides. On Sunday night, when I had to re-join office, I couldn't sleep till 3:30 at night. I don't remember when I was so excited about anything earlier in my life. The next day was so good. I felt that I am seeing the world for the first time. Everything was so much better. But there are still some effects of illness. After physical strain, I feel like I am in dream world, its not reality. And I feel euphoric at that time. I hope this dream continues and the state of euphoria as well.
Thank you Mr.Mosquito for blessing my life.


  1. Well Nitsi..that mosquito wasn't any ordinary mosquito rather it was an angelic mosquito send from heavens to change ur that u crib less and appreciate ur life..and as far as calling ur frds is concerned..dude u didnt give me a single call..i called u after getting concerned over ur absence on gtalk :P
    watch it huhh..

  2. Thanks for the Blogamayan directed by Ramanand Sagar. Could have been stretched a lil bit more. @#$%&

  3. Well, nice description from start till the end ...
    you must write more often ... :) (like we had planned to write one atleast every month). I have already defaulted long back .. }:)
    Hoping your illusions are gone by now ... :P.

  4. saale tere saath jo hua so machchar ka kya??...
    bechara...pata ni kya hua hoga uske saath...shayad mar gaya hoga...
    uski misery ke baare mein to likha hi nai tune...

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